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Sparta Prag 2010
Foto: AC Sparta Prag

Spartas coach inför matchserien

Sparta Prags coach Dusan Zovinec svar pÄ nÄgra frÄgor inför matchserien mot LFC. Intervjun Àr pÄ engelska och kan lÀsas hÀr!

Hemsidan passade på att ställa några frågor till Sparta Prags Head coach Dusan Zovinec. Intervjun gjordes precis före första mötet i Linköping förra veckan - en match som slutade med hemmaseger 2-0.
What are your expectations of the round of 16 with the matches against Linköping?
It’s a great challenge and opportunity to check how good we really are. We know your team well, as well as we know about your ambition to eliminate us. And our task is to make it harder for you, even though everyone knows which team is the stronger one.
Without revealing your tactics ... How would you describe to the attendance the style of football your team would like to play?
Our style is based on a pretty well physical condition. Even though our players are young, they are experienced, because almost every one of them is a national team player. And if you remember the match between Czech and Swedish national team played few weeks ago, they had proven that if they follow the tactics, they are able to compete with the top European teams.
How do you feel the general support for Women’s Football in the Czech Republic is like?
I guess we can’t really compare it to Sweden. Women’s football in the Czech Republic is still developing. Women’s football teams are parts of big Czech clubs – Sparta, Slavia, Banik Ostrava etc., therefore they are directed in a professional way and that’s our advantage.
You have lots of national team players in your team; could you point out some of them for the attendance to take a closer look at on the field?
Lots of national team players from Sparta are really young, such as Sedlackova, or Pivonkova. But there are older and more experienced players as well – Martinkova sisters, Heroldova, Doskova. Other players are still waiting for their chance – Ringelova, or Kozarova. I also can’t forget Vystejnova, Mocova, Ondrusova, or our goalkeepers. But individualities are not what we aim for. Our goal is to present ourselves with a great team play - this has to be our strength.
The Czechs are really popular in Linköping, since we have three star ice hockey players within our organization, Jaroslav Hlinka, Jan Hlavac and Josef Melichar. Last year we also had a Czech coach, Slavomir Lener. Are they familiar to you?
Of course I do! My son is a HC Sparta Prague junior team player and he spent whole pre-season in the A-team this year. Therefore he was Hlinka’s and Hlavac’s teammate and he also played against Linköping in the European Trophy match. Transfer market between Czech Republic and Sweden is pretty busy, there are lots of Czech players playing Swedish ice hockey league. I wish it was the same in case of women’s football!
Finally, a warm welcome to Linköping and Sweden and good luck at the best of fair play!
Thank you! We are excited to have an opportunity to play against one of the Swedish best teams, but be aware – we’re not afraid of you! And we’re also looking forward to welcome you in the Czech Republic’s capital, Prague, for a rematch. Have a great game!


2010-11-09 10:28

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